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Interview with Nadi Dixit

Nadi Dixit was one of the BS-MS students of batch 14, IISER TVM. She says she is ‘one of the lucky batches to get out of IISER before the pandemic started.’ She is currently a PhD student at the University of Kassel, Germany, working in Bioinformatics. This is her story of how the pandemic affected her. Since her project was theoretical, it did not affect her academically. But it did disrupt her personal life more than she could have anticipated. Her moving plans coincided with the time the pandemic hit, so it was a scary and anxious experience for her. Her friends at the lab helped her through it, so she could move in two to three days. But she did not have internet for two weeks, which cut off her only way of connecting to home in India. It was one of those short experiences that shake you emotionally and leave you more robust but scarred for life.

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