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Adarsh Karekkat-3

-Aabha Shams, Vibhavari

Amidst the turmoil, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of a puppy. Little did Adarsh know that Athena would go on to become a pillar of solace and companionship. He struggles to recall their first meeting, reflecting the fog that clouded his mind during those difficult months. Even though Adarsh was in a much better place than he had been in a long time, he was trying hard to find reasons to live. During these trying times, Adarsh decided to engrave on his skin his reason to keep going - his passion for science, in the form of a tattoo. Adarsh recalls how significant the tattoo was to him at the time, "I needed to remind myself that my curiosity to find answers was worth living for."

Throughout his narrative, he emphasizes the importance of understanding and supporting individuals confronting mental health adversities. Adarsh credits his survival during this period to the unwavering support of his parents. He wonders how difficult it would have been for them to witness their beloved son struggling with things beyond their comprehension. He also questions how unfair it all is: when everyone is running a race, how can one be expected to carry an unimaginable weight and keep pace with the rest of them?

Adarsh's narrative unravels the interplay between mental health and the world around him, as well as the blurred lines between physical and mental health. Through his story, we witness a testament to the resilience that can emerge even in the darkest moments – from the decision to take a gap year to acquire new skills to a triumphant return to academia. His narrative not only highlights the significance of recognizing and addressing mental health concerns but also emphasizes the role of empathy and encouragement in fostering a proper environment for recovery. His bravery in sharing his experiences provides a rare glimpse into the intricacies of mental health struggles, shedding light on the pain, confusion, and eventual triumphs that usually accompany such journeys.


Adarsh Karekkat-3
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