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Durjoy Sen-3

-Akshay J Ganesh

"Knowing that I have a value, that if I wasn't there, someone would be sad, that gives me joy."

Durjoy Sen-3

Durjoy considers himself truly blessed with the supportive systems that have kept him going. “I think my biggest strength was my parents. If that was lacking, I don't know where I would've gone.” He also remembers some school friends & work colleagues who were very supportive in this journey. Joy is removing yourself from a toxic environment, being with your parents, & knowing that people care.

He hopes people can be more sensitive to how snap judgements & weird comments about people can affect them. "The awareness is lacking. The stigma is still there." But he takes heart knowing that a more aware generation is studying psychology & even the younger kids are aware of such matters. "Change is coming but there's more to come. A lot more."

To people going through similar things, Durjoy urges, “Don’t lose hope.” It can be difficult when dealing with mental health, doing simple things like getting out of bed can be a difficult task. “Tell yourself you are doing a good job. When people are doing their daily tasks with such problems, [...] these are not small victories, they are big achievements.” He emphasizes rewarding yourself in little bits, to have that food you’ve been thinking of, that one thing you’ve been wanting to try. "I was very into sports at one time, but I stopped it for a while. I got obese as my mental health deteriorated." But he started walking again, motivating himself to keep being active.

“And reaching out doesn't always find people willing to help. People going through things may not have the energy to keep reaching out & explain to multiple people but if someone does reach out, just try to help however you can. Even a little thing could save a life when there's mental health involved."

Durjoy’s journey is one that gives us hope, that even when times get rough, with the right support systems we can pull through. We admire his strength in talking about his struggles openly and we are sure it will resonate with our readers. If you'd like to talk to him regarding such experiences, please contact us & we can look into putting you in touch.

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