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Into Their Stories

Adarsh Karekkat-3

Adarsh's narrative unravels the interplay between mental health and the world around him, as well as the blurred lines between physical and mental health.

Adarsh Karekkat-2

“What I was feeling then, I can't relate to now. I can't even imagine it.”

Adarsh Karekkat-1

Adarsh’s story began with a subtle unravelling around 8th grade when he found himself battling unease when the lights went out.

Durjoy Sen-3

"Knowing that I have a value, that if I wasn't there, someone would be sad, that gives me joy."

Durjoy Sen-2

“My dysphoria was also at an all-time high during the pandemic.”

Durjoy Sen-1

“You’re going there for mental health care at a vulnerable stage & the people who are there to care for you are rude, aggravating the whole situation.”

-Indulekha M S, Gayathri K G

Dr. Sainul Abideen-2

“This library is my brainchild. I was involved from the start and had to put one piece at a time and build it. I will always have that attachment to this library.”

-Indulekha M S, Gayathri K G

Dr. Sainul Abideen-1

“My ID number is 03. I was the third non-teaching staff to join IISER.”

-Nuha Fathima

Navya Paul-2

“What started with just 14 students in a transit campus has now grown into a lovely campus with numerous facilities and scores of students from diverse backgrounds”.

-Nuha Fathima

Navya Paul-1

“The happiest moment in my life was the birth of my son. Then getting the job.[at IISER]”

-Indulekha M S

Pradeep Kumar-2

We hope his journey has inspired you to be passionate in what you pursue, be resourceful under changing circumstances and to keep some side projects that give you joy.

-Indulekha M S

Pradeep Kumar-1

Pradeep Kumar is a lab technician in the School of Chemistry at IISER TVM and his journey is emblematic of the highs and lows of a career in science.

-Palak Chawla

Ephream Jude George

"I should be in control of my diabetes; diabetes shouldn't be in control of me."

-Indulekha M S

Nithya Rani-2

“It’s a joy to recognize students and to even remember everyone’s name and I get so much affection from all the students”.

-Indulekha M S

Nithya Rani-1

“I really enjoy working in the lab and this is where I am the happiest”.

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